5 Food Markets That Every Traveller Needs To See

Food markets are just as the name implies: large, open markets that specialise in a wide variety of different foods and cuisines. These kinds of markets have been around forever and offer a fantastic opportunity to taste the foods in the local area.

From Southeast Asia to Africa, food markets are one of the best ways of obtaining fresh, locally sourced produce often at a fraction of the cost of what a conventional supermarket would charge. These are some of the world’s very best food markets and should be on every traveller’s bucket list.

1. Or Tor Kor Market

Found in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, this is one of the world’s most well-known open food market, and attracts countless thousands of tourists every day. There are huge varieties of fresh produce available, both from locally sourced farms, as well as imported goods. It’s a famous market that any traveller would be remiss to not give a look at least once.

2. Machane Yehuda

The Machane Yehuda soul can be found in the heart of Israel, and there are countless stories about the maze of stalls that cover the area, selling just about every culinary delight the Middle East has to offer. From fresh fruits and vegetables to seeds, nuts, meats, and full meals, it’s an incredible market that truly comes alive at the end of the week before the start of the Sabbath.

3. La Merced Market

This is the biggest street market in all of Mexico City, and arguably in Mexico, and pulls in thousands of Mexicans and tourists in equal measure. The market is overflowing with interesting snacks, some quite convention, others not so much. A good example is the fried grasshoppers that are found all over the market, which are said to be quite delicious. Due to its massive size and maze-like characteristics, it’s even possible for visitors to the market to hire professional guides or join guiding tours in order to get around the area without getting too lost.

4. St. Lawrence Market

The St. Lawrence Market is one of the oldest markets in the world and has been going for around 200 years. It began as a farmer’s market for the people living in the city of Toronto, Canada, and it’s been extremely popular ever since. Today, the market is well known for its gorgeous indoor setting, where visitors are able to sit and enjoy one of the market’s famed Montreal styled bagels, or watch the festivities that offer entertainment for all.

5. Torvehallerne Market

It’s regarded as one of the liveliest and diverse gardens in Copenhagen, this is one that’s simply not worth missing for anyone making their way through Denmark. It boasts over 60 vendors, all selling something different and unique, from local baked goods to sushi and tapas, along with a traditional Danish rice putting known locally as risengrod.