Local Food

5 Foods Worth Travelling For

Ancient treasures, historical sites, major sport events, and places of stunning natural beauty are just some of the factors on which some people based their choices of holiday destinations. Others believe that certain foods are worth travelling for – and they are not wrong!

People in various places have mastered the art of preparing certain dishes so much so that ordering them anywhere else simply would not offer you the same experience. Discover five mouth-watering examples below.

Nasi Lemak, Malaysia

Tropical rainforests, beautiful colonial-era buildings, gorgeous beaches, and it being a melting pot of diverse cultures are some of the things that make Malaysia what it is. The gastronomic delight that is Nasi Lemak is another.

Traditionally served on a banana leaf, the dish brings together the flavours of jasmine rice, coconut milk, friend chicken, chilli sambal anchovies, sambal squid, cucumber, peanuts, and boiled egg. The flavour of the finished dish is quite unlike anything else on the planet!

Raclette, Switzerland

Mention ‘Switzerland’ and ‘food’ to many people, and they are guaranteed to think either about chocolate, fondue, or both. However, what you really want to try when in the Alpine country is raclette. It sounds as satisfying as play pokies online after a long day at the office.

A somewhat ordinary-looking charcuterie platter featuring various cured meats, pickles, onions, and even boiled potato will arrive at your table. Raclette cheese is then heated, and the soft part scraped off and onto your platter, where it adds its special magic to every morsel.

Hamsi Ekmek, Turkey

Turkey’s thronging bazaars, friendly people, and unique blend of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture are among the highlights of many visitors’ stays in the country. For many who visit during winter, an additional highlight is hamsi ekmek.

Calling it an anchovy sandwich, which is basically what it is, does not do the simple street food any real justice. Hamsi ekmek is made using deep-fried freshly caught anchovies, slivers of onion, peppery rocket leaves, and freshly baked bread. It is one of the best reasons you will have for visiting Turkey between December and March.

Gumbo, Louisiana, USA

Native American, African, Caribbean, and European culture all played a role in shaping the southern US state of Louisiana. The dish that best represents those encounters is gumbo.

Cajun gumbo usually begins with a dark roux, and includes chicken, other fowl, or shellfish. Creole gumbo is normally made with the trinity of bell peppers, celery, onions, as well as tomatoes, and shellfish. Both may also include sausage, and both are definitely worth travelling for.

Poulet Yassa, Senegal

Senegal’s profile as a tourist destination is on the rise, and it is about time. The sights and sounds of the West African country’s capital, Dakar, have enticed many visitors to stay longer than planned.

Other travellers have found themselves entranced in other ways. Some delighted in the beauty of the Mamelles Lighthouse, while others spent blissful days on Île de N’Gor. Yet others discovered Poulet Yassa, a dish of chicken marinated and slow cooked in lemon juice, fresh ginger, chilli, onion, and mustard.