5 Unexpected Top Travel Destinations

Los Cabos, Mexico

The best things in life generally happen when we least expect them to. And as it turns out, so do the best travel destinations! Who wants to see and do what everyone else has seen and done already in any way? Those who have a true and ongoing love affair with travelling the globe all know that there is a special travel experience to be found in those places least expected to appear on the seasoned traveller’s bucket list.

First up on our list is a very special place indeed. Los Cabos in Mexico is one of those hidden jewels less-travelled and managed to make it on to our list of top 5 because of it being home to one of the largest national marine parks in the world. Cabo Pulmo National Park was classified officially “protected” in the 90s. The site has also been classified a UNESCO heritage site because of its marine productivity, its absolutely astonishing biodiversity and its sheer and untampered-with natural beauty.

Placencia, Belize

Belize generally brings to mind images of the cays. But those who dare venture only a short distance further South will before long happen upon Placencia, a quaint fishing village situated directly on the mainland’s waterfront. Placencia is all about colour and water and light. The village is made up of industry and bright houses and buildings only very recently travel-discovered.

The locals each have a story to tell about their village and its surroundings. One such local owns the first luxury resort to have been developed in the area, namely Itz’ana. The resort’s owner collects ancient Mayan artifacts and the stories told by this very special Placencia resident are every bit as colourful as the local scenery itself.

Mexico City

If this seems like a strange choice for a list such as this one, then its perhaps time to explore the real Mexico City. Ironically enough, discovering Mexico City has precious little to do with what’s visible at first glance, much like when you visit Online Bingo UK there’s a lot to offer under the surface. Its in fact the marvelous secret world underneath that makes of this very special region a place worth mentioning on our list of unexpected top destinations.

There are in fact various temples buried at least 7m below Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral. The temples were accidentally discovered by electricity workers back in 1978. Exciting too is that the excavations and discoveries are ongoing.


Yes, Poland. Warsaw is more than just a tragic part of Jewish history. Today, Warsaw is simply filled with light and art and culture. And then of course there is Katowice, a slightly lesser-known Polish city, but every bit as discoverable as magical Warsaw.

Krabi, Thailand

Situated to the south of Thailand, Krabi is unspoilt, under the radar and very much undiscovered by the masses. Whether staying at the luxurious Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton resort ready to welcome home the weary traveller, or at one of the few local over-night stays, nobody ever really wants to leave Krabi.

Go there and you’ll instantly know why.