Seeing America Off The Beaten Track

Each year, millions of tourists from all over the world flock to the US. It’s no surprise either, since there’s just so much to do and see and experience. But America’s true unrivalled beauty isn’t to be found at typical tourist stops and locations.

One has to actually leave the so-called beaten track in order to really feast the eyes and the mind on the unrivalled beauty of natural America. These are the must-sees, the must-experience and the hidden gems deserving of more than just a mention in the passing.

Holy Hill – Wisconsin

Quite befittingly, one of America’s most stunning hidden gems is dedicated to spiritual engagement. But Wisconsin’s Holy Hill is a location not to be missed by anyone; spiritually-minded or no.

The site looks out over some 435 acres of breath-taking countryside. Holy Hill is a location that is both beautiful as well as reverent.

Lizard Lake – Colorado

No visit to the US should ever be considered complete without having stopped off to appreciate the absolute splendour of Lizard Lake. Situated in Marble in Colorado, the lake is said to be one of the world’s few of which the depth of the water has not yet been measured.

And it’s perhaps the lake’s unscalable depth that makes for its amazing ebb and flow of colour. Lizard Lake truly looks as if it belongs in a painting. If picture-perfect were to demand an example, Lizard Lake would be it.

Pismo Beach – California

Locals may not classify Pismo Beach California as a “hidden gem”, but travellers from other parts of the world are usually unaware that there even exists a “less crowded” alternative to California’s bustling beaches.

And those looking for a truly magical experience must make sure not to miss out on a sunset-stroll along the indescribable magnificence that is Pismo Pier.

Tiger Tail Beach – Florida

Yet another near-unimaginable idea is an uncrowded Florida beach where you can laze about, access New Zealand betting sites on your mobile phone, or just snooze in the sun. And yet, there’s Tiger Tail Beach.

Located in Marco Islands, there’s nothing quite like a late afternoon stroll along Tiger Tail’s white sandy beach-line whilst feasting one’s eyes on the magnificent Gulf.

Tiger Tail is typically quiet and uncluttered all year round, justifying a visit even during the cooler winter months. As far as US beaches go, this one is the ultimate hidden gem.

Whiteface Mountain – NY

The stairs of Whiteface Mountain, to be precise. Whiteface Mountain (Lake Placid, New York) isn’t your typical hidden gem as it’s a popular ski vacation spot during the winter months.

But very few tourists realise that its also home to another sort of beauty altogether.

Ascending the stone steps nearby the summit of the mountain not only offers just about the best cardio workout that anyone could ask for, but also a panoramic view from the top that’s worth the effort in every imaginable way.

Be sure to go in summer. The view from the fifth highest peak in all of New York State will take your breath away.