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Top Tips For Traveling Through The Balkans

The Balkan Peninsula is a dramatic and beautiful part of Europe, steeped in rich culture and history. The main countries that people think of when the imagine the region are Romania, Albania and Bulgaria – the previous Yugoslavian countries.

However, the region also includes all or parts of Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Greece.

The region is named after the Balkan Mountains that range through Bulgaria and, therefore, a portion of the peninsula.

The peninsula is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, the Marmara Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. If this sounds like the kind of place you want to visit, here are some tips for making your adventure even better.

1. Don’t Plan Every Second

This can probably go as a general holiday tip, but it does have good value for a trip to the Balkans.

The region is notorious for things taking longer than expected or for transport to not quite work out as planned. If you have everything organized to the second, you will likely end up in trouble because the people and the region don’t work that way. It’s also important to note that the bus is a better option than the trains in most of the region.

2. You Can’t Fit Everything In

It’s sad but true – unless you have endless time for your trip, you will not be able to adequately visit every country in the region. It’s far better to pick two or even just one and take things slowly.

If you skip from city to city in hurry, you’ll miss out on the unique charm that each country has to offer in the region.

3. Learn To Love Rakia

This is the drink of the region. Rakia is a fruity brandy that is made all over the Balkans. It differs slightly from country to country and even from town to town.

This is because it can be made with different fruits and it is mostly made by people in their own gardens or garages. Just be careful of the alcohol content – there are no regulations keeping that in check. You should also sip the drink, never down it in one go like a shot.

4. Make Sure You Have Cash

When traveling through the Balkans, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in smaller towns – well you really should be doing that to get to know the real people and culture of the region.

However, this comes with a slight downside in that most of these places use largely cash. It’s important to have the different currencies of the region too because not all places work with the Euro.

5. Say Yes To The Locals

In general, the people living here are extremely hospitable and welcoming, just like an online casino Dubai at

They will happily invite tourists in for a cup of coffee or even to join their family for dinner. This truly is the best way to get to know the region, through the people and the food. If you get invited, say yes and enjoy.