Local Food

The Best Foods Throughout Australia

The country down under has a lot to offer a tourist visiting for the first time. Not only are the cities unique and hubs of culture and creativity, but there’s an almost endless number of things to do and see while in the country.

The outback is no different, with thousands of unique Australian species, and it’s even possible to discover rainforests scattered around the country.

Another aspect of travelling in Australia that’s worth giving a try is the food. There are plenty of traditional Australian dishes that while available in other countries tend to taste that much better when eaten in Australia.

With that in mind, these are some of the best Australian foods that every visitor should try.

Tim Tams

Every country has its range of biscuits and candies that are found nowhere else in the world, and when it comes to Australia, there are few other treats that are quite delectable as Tim Tams. Chocolate wafers surrounded with layers of more chocolate and available in a wide assortment of flavours, Tim Tams are perfect when eaten with a hot cup of tea.

One of the secrets to eating Tim Tams is to bite two corners on opposite sides of the biscuit and then suck the tea through one side, which will melt the inside, making it soft and irresistible.

Fairy Bread

While it’s by no means a gourmet meal, it’s still immensely popular in Australia and definitely worth giving a try. Fairy bread is extremely simple, consisting of a piece of bread that has had butter spread on it, and then covered by rainbow sprinkles.

It’s not healthy at all and not everyone will like it, but fairy bread is no doubt a truly Australian dish that’s become a particular favourite at children’s parties.

Chicken Parmigiana

Although it has a name that could come straight from Italy, chicken parmigiana is undoubtedly Australian to its core, and is made up of a chicken schnitzel that is topped with ham and melted cheese.

It’s a comfort dish that’s often served alongside crispy chips and can be found throughout much of the country.

Aussie Barbecue

Much like the Americans and the South Africans, barbecuing in Australia is something of a national pastime, and usually brings the entire family together.

Various meats are thrown onto the grill, along with a variety of different salads and other treats that make for a full meal for many. Australians are also known for making excellent prawns on the barbecue, even though they are only known as shrimp in some parts of the country.

Vegemite Toast

Above all the other meals, there is none other quite like Vegemite toast, perfect to put together before a few rounds of casinos in the Philippines. It couldn’t be simpler to make: a piece of toast with butter and Vegemite spread on top.

It’s the perfect snack for a busy morning, and sometimes it’s eaten alongside avocado. It’s difficult to find an Australian who doesn’t have a soft spot for Vegemite toast.