Local Food

The Top 5 Cities With The Best Street food

There are a lot of very good reasons to travel. Some might want to experience a totally new culture, others might want to explore a place that they have never been before. But for many – possibly the majority – there are few reasons to visit a new place that are quite as enticing as trying the local foods. Street foods are incredibly popular for both travellers and locals, and they’re often endemic to a certain area, which is almost always a large city of some kind. For anyone dying to visit a new city to try a new street food, these are the top cities with the best foods on offer.

  1. Istanbul

Situated in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul stands as a great example of a place that can exist both in the modern times and in the past. With incredible views and a welcoming people, Istanbul is not to be missed, but it’s the street foods that really make it special. Simit and lahmacun (commonly known as Turkish pizza) are just two of the most popular street foods one can find while wandering the ancient streets. A more popular dish, doner, which is a lamb or chicken skewer, can be found throughout the city.

  1. Marrakesh

The Medina, which is part of the old city of Marrakesh, is considered by many travellers as one of the best places to visit in the world. Walking through the streets will unveil vendor after vendor of an incredible variety of street foods and fresh produce, along with a vast multitude of spices, such as ginger, pepper, turmeric, and saffron. Some of the stalls have been selling food for decades, and a visitor is never far from a small restaurant offering delicious lunches.

  1. Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s most modern cities, and stands as a hub of multiculturalism, where it’s easy to find traditional foods from a range of different cultures, and perfect for a sit down in the garden for a game of slots Canada. Good weather and plenty of both indoor and outdoor street foods makes Singapore a wondrous adventure from the beginning of every morning. Strong coffee is always a must, and a popular dish that many locals enjoy is kaya toast, made with coconut jam.

  1. Bangkok

Bangkok is often lauded by veteran travellers as being one of the most vibrant cities around, and with low costs of living, many have been unable to move on. The city is packed with things to do, see, and eat, and the Thai are well known for their simple but incredibly delicious foods. Pad Thai is among the most enjoyed dishes and can easily be found within a few minutes of walking the city’s streets.

  1. Mexico City

The thriving capital of the popular South American country, Mexico City is a traveller’s paradise, offering beautiful weather, wonderful people, and excellent street food. From tacos to nachos, Mexico City is the ultimate destination for anyone that has a particular soft spot for Mexican cuisine.