The Best Castles In Europe that You Must Visit

Europe has a long and rich history that spans thousands of years. One of the most prominent features of the Middle Ages was the creation of castles; large structures that were used to defend a specific piece of land from invaders.

Most cultures, empires, and peoples in Europe had built some kind of castle at one point or another, many of which still stand today.

Castles are a wonderful way of learning about the history of a peoples and the region. They give us a glimpse into a past, a time that was far different to the one that we have now.

There are many castles dotted throughout Europe that are worth visiting, and those wanting to visit the region may want to check out the following.

1. Eileen Donan

Scotland is packed with history, and Eileen Donan is one of the most famous castles in the country. It’s set in between three different lochs and is surrounded by an ancient and natural landscape. First built as far back as the 13th century, it was a bastion for the people of the time: strong clans that were both fighting off local clans as well as British invasion.

The castle would be destroyed at some point in the 17th century by the British Empire but would ultimately be rebuilt later in the 20th century.

2. Corvin Castle

Romania is a must-see for anyone that has an interest in Transylvanian history. The region that Corvin Castle can be found has a strong link with Vlad The Impaler, more commonly known as Dracula. And there are few other castles in the region quite as well-known as Corvin Castle, a massive and impressive structure set in a beautiful forest.

Created in the late Middle Ages, for a long time it was the largest castle of its time, and over the years it has undergone countless renovations and improvements. Today, it’s maintained and provides a truly unique example of the Gothic architecture that was so popular at the time.

3. Castilla De Coca

This behemoth castle from the 15th century can be found in Spain, not far from Segovia. It’s a great example of Spanish brickwork and is built into the side of a mountain. The entire castle is enclosed in a moat and has a unique three tier system of defence that was commonplace during the time.

Not only does it boast a one-of-a-kind Spanish aesthetic, but it also contains element of Goth design that make it a castle like no other, and it’s even worth taking a day off from mobile slots Canada to go out and see this one-of-a-kind castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Set in Germany, this is a castle that could have been pulled straight out of a fairy tale, and actually did provide the inspiration fro the castle in Sleeping Beauty. It was built by King Ludwig the II, but more and more additions to the castle meant that it took much longer to build than originally intended.

By the time that it was completed, the king only resided within the castle for a total of 172 days. Today, it’s a popular tourist destination that sits in a small forest, making it one of the most visually appealing castles in the world.