Haunting Facts About the Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotel is situated in downtown Los Angeles and when it comes to things ghostly, haunted, jinxed, other-worldly, and downright unfortunate, it has the market cornered! Situated in the Skid Row district, this hotel is arguably the city’s most haunted and it’s legacy stretches all the way back to the Great Depression.

It opened its doors in 1924, five short years before the severe economic downturn that caused such misery for so many. The effects of the Depression saw the hotel filling with drug addicts, prostitutes, transients, and eventual suicides on a regular basis. Located on 7th and Main Street, Stay On Main as it was rebranded in 2011, it’s been the site of multiple deaths from unnatural causes whether these are accidents, murders, or self-destruction. Helen Gurnee plunged to her death from an upper-level window in 1954, as did Julia Moore and Pauline Otton in 1962, the latter landing on a pedestrian and killing them as well!

The Black Dahlia Drank at the Bar

 Elizabeth Short, posthumously nicknamed the Black Dahlia, was a 22-year American would-be actress who was found brutally murdered in the Leimert Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles. Her case went on to be highly publicised because of how graphic the crime was, with her corpse being savagely mutilated and bisected at the waist. Rumour has it that she had her last-ever drink at the Cecil Hotel bar in 1947!

The Night Stalker Stayed There

 Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez who went on to become notorious as Richard Ramirez as an American burglar, serial killer, and serial killer. Although he was sentenced to death for his laundry list of heinous crimes, Ramirez passed away of natural causes in 2013. His link to the Cecil Hotel is that he actually lived there, in room 1419, during his 1985 murder spree.

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An Unclaimed Suicide Occurred

 A woman who to this day remains unidentified jumped to her death from the 12th-floor window of the Cecil Hotel, landing on its second-floor roof. There are many questions surrounding her demise, not least why no one noticed she had gone missing. The lack of information about her gets even more unnerving when you consider that she had registered with the hotel four days before she jumped!

What Happened to Elisa Lam?

 An unsolved mystery is the only way to sum up the case of Elisa Lam. After guests complained about strange-tasting drinking water, Lam’s naked body was discovered in the roof cistern. The 21-year old had been decomposing there for roughly 19 days! Elevator security footage shows Lam acting erratically, hiding in one corner and then dashing in and out. She is seen to gesticulate as if addressing someone, but there’s no one there.