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Top Spots For Destination Weddings

Saying “I do” is a special moment, and that special moment deserves the perfect location. That’s why so many people are option for destination weddings these days. Whether you go abroad or keep it within your own borders, there is something quite magical about getting your entire wedding party alone for the week or even the weekend. You can really focus on your day and not on anything related to the real world.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for where to go for your nuptials, here are some top destinations:

1. A Greek Island

Live out your very own Mamma Mia fairytale with a Greek Island wedding. You can go for one of the more traditional spots like Santorini or head to one of the smaller, quieter islands. It all depends on what you would prefer. The bigger islands offer more in the way of amenities, while the smaller ones will give you definite peace and tranquility because they are more remote. Either way, the beautiful, classic white houses with blue shutters and doors that define the region will match the bride’s white dress perfectly – creating gorgeous backdrops for your photographs.

2. The Caribbean

Antigua and Jamaica are the most popular destinations for weddings in this tropical location. You get literally hundreds of beaches to choose from for your ceremony and party, as well as plenty of rich history and tradition that fill the islands with character. There is also a number of resorts that are aimed at helping tourists to plan their dream wedding, making it much easier for you from a logistics point of view. All you need to do is show up.

3. Ireland

The countryside is dotted with magical manors and splendid castles that are ideal for a stately wedding. From perfectly manicured lawns to all the best china on your reception tables, you can have an affair fit for royalty in the lush green of Ireland. Just remember to have some backup plans in place just in case the weather doesn’t come to the party – sunshine is not always guaranteed here.

4. The French Countryside

It really doesn’t get more romantic than heading out into provincial France for a destination wedding. The villages are filled with cobblestone streets and surrounded by fields of wild lavender and rolling green hills. Painters and poets have used the region for romantic inspiration for centuries. You’ll also be in the home of some of the best wines made in the world. What more could you want for your celebrations?

5. San Francisco

If you’re an urban couple, this city will give you the ideal backdrop for your perfect day. It has all the trappings of a big city, plus the added extra of the Golden Gate Bridge and the incredible natural surroundings. There are also plenty of parks and a laid-back attitude that keeps the city feeling casual and not rushed. The old-school cable cars also make for some amazing photo opportunities for you and your wedding party.