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Digital Tools All Travellers Should Try

We live in a truly incredible age, one that most of us take for granted. With access to the power of modern computers, coupled with the widespread use of the internet, there has never been a better time for both humans and general, but especially for those that have a passion for travel.

Where once we needed an assortment of different tools to get around, like physical maps, today everything we could possibly need to get around quickly and safely can be found on our smartphones.

For the traveller that’s curious as to how they can jet off with little more than the clothes on their back and a modern smartphone or laptop, these are the best digital tools worth using.

Modern Mapping Services

Physical maps were once the only method available for people to get around, and while they mostly got the job done, they tended to be cumbersome and difficult to real, and if an area had any new features, the traveller would be forced to buy an entirely new map.

This has completely changed with the invention of modern mapping services, such as Apple Maps and Google Maps, both of which are free to uses of either iPhones or Android.

Google Maps, which is the more popular option, has an incredible amount of information available, including full street directions, information and contact details of businesses, and so much more. Along with this, fully voiced assistants are available to provide directions much like what we could only found with expensive GPS devices.

Cloud Storage

For a long time, the only way to safely store a large amount of data was by making use of an external hard drive. These would come in various shapes and sizes but would almost always consist of a single device that could contain many gigs of data, and would have to be carried around by the owner.

This presented a few challenges, the first of which was theft. But external hard drives are known to fail quite frequently due to the nature of constantly having to move around or getting stuck in a heavy downpour.

Fortunately, this no longer presents a problem thanks to the creation of cloud storage services, which is essentially like having an external hard drive that doesn’t need to be carried around.

There are a few options for travellers to choose from, but they all ultimately allow for a much simpler way of saving personal and private data.

International Internet Access

All of the digital tools that we have access to in general need some sort of connection with the internet in order to function properly, along with being able to watch videos, send messages, or win big with our favourite games.

There are a couple of ways to get global access to the internet, with services such as Google Fi. This allows the users to pay a certain amount every month and have high speed internet connectivity in over 200 countries, meaning that they will always be able to make use of their chosen mapping service while also having access to their cloud storage.