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The World’s Easiest Countries To Travel To

2020 hasn’t been the best year for travellers following the global lockdowns that shut down all travel. As things begin to ease up, more and more people are looking to take off and visit their favourite locations. Along with this, some countries have started to make it easier to get into, such as easing restrictions and cutting down on the cost of flying.

And while not every country in the world has adopted this free moving policies, there are more than a few that are now easier to get into than ever, and these are the ones that travellers have been turning their focus toward.

The United Kingdom

The UK is still one of the world’s most frequented countries when it comes to international travel, partly due to where it’s located, and partly due to the fact that everyone universally speaks one common language: English. The UK is a great place to travel around, with relatively cheap public transport, and plenty for visitors to see and do while they are in the country, It’s considered the easiest of the European countries to visit simply due to having no language barrier for anyone that can speak English, as a language barrier is often one of the most difficult aspects that people need to consider when they are travelling. On top of all that, the UK also has countries like Wales and Scotland to offer, all of which are worth visiting at least once.


Canada is a must see for many of the same reasons, and is better suited for travellers that that want to see some of the Americas. Canada is a huge country that any English speaker can get around just fine, but it should be noted that some parts of the country are deeply French. Canada has a massive tourism industry, meaning that visiting the country is extremely easy, and thanks to their efficient government, it doesn’t take too long to get everything done.

South Africa

South Africa is among the top destinations in the world for those travellers seeking adventure, and it offers a plethora of different activities, such as seeing the Big Five. South Africa is also an appealing choice for the budget minded, as it tends to cheaper to travel around the country than it is to travel around the other entries on this list, and a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery and some top gaming guides. It should be noted, however, that seeing the various safaris on offer can be extremely expensive, so it may be a better idea to simply hire a car and see the many gorgeous sites that it offers.


This is a country that’s known for having good food and for being cheap to travel around, which is why it’s so common to find younger digital nomads dotted around the region. Thailand is a large country that offers some of the best experiences that the world of travel has to offer, and thanks to the considerably low cost of everything, such as food, as well as the limited travel restrictions, it’s a fantastic choice for beginner travellers wanting to test the waters.