The Most Eco-Friendly Places To Visit

If being eco-friendly in as many aspects of your life is important to you, the good news is that you don’t have to worry about being limited on your next holiday.

There are many incredible destinations – from major cities through to remote locations – that are truly green and have wonderful sustainable offerings.

1. Anywhere In Ecuador

This South American country is a truly exceptional place for those who are green-minded and for those who aren’t.

The country straddles the equator and offers up some amazing and diverse landscape to explore. It is also the country in the world to add the rights of nature to its constitution. This means that it protects the rain forest the same way it protects its citizens.

There are numerous eco-lodges in the various diverse biospheres around the country. In fact, many of them and the country itself have earned accolades at the World Travel Awards.

2. The Norwegian City Of Oslo

The authorities in the city measure the carbon emissions within the borders in the same way that they measure budget expenditure. This is done to ensure that the city stays on track to keep up with the climate accords in the European Union. The aim is to make Oslo carbon neutral by the year 2050.

It’s a great place for tourists because you are encouraged to really explore the city. Parking and traffic within the city have been severely restricted already. There is now plenty of room for walking or for traveling by bicycle.

3. The Azores Islands Off The Coast Of Portugal

These islands are an autonomous archipelago that makes use of a wide range of renewable energies, with a view to make all of the islands 100% self-sufficient.

They have already succeeded in making one island, Graciosa, completely renewable. The islands are all tapping into natural resources like wind and geothermal energy from the nine volcanoes that make up the islands.

Enjoying the marine life is one of the highlights of visiting the area for tourists. There are several protected areas and four biosphere reserves that are recognized by UNESCO. All of the diving, snorkeling, boating and other watersports are done in controlled, regulated tours in order to keep the wildlife safe and the coastline pristine.

4. Tanzania’s Chumbe Island

Never mind Madagascar or Zanzibar, Chumbe is the new island destination off the coast of Africa. The entire island is quite tiny and is managed by a non-profit organization – a first for Africa.

The idea is to keep the coral reefs and the marine life that lives in and around it safe. These reefs are some of the best and most diverse in the world, making them well worth seeing and protecting.

It is quite the thing to get a booking to stay on Chumbe as there are only seven lodges available and the number of visitors is strictly monitored. If you get the chance, you’ll be able to experience sheer African bliss with no modern interferences like TV or Wi-Fi.