Famous Hotels With A Dark Hidden History

Reputation is important for hotels. After all, who wants to stay at a hotel that has a dark, or perhaps unsettling history? Not most holidaymakers, that’s for sure. This is why most hotels make a big effort to scrub bad history from their reputations. However, given the power of the internet and the fact that history can be shrouded, but never forgotten, we now know the dark histories of virtually all hotels.

Check out some modern hotels with dark histories that the owners would rather we all forget.

Park Central Hotel

The Park Central Hotel is, without question, a building with an incredible history. It’s been around since the 1920s and has seen such prestigious guests as Mae West and Jackie Gleason. However, Park Central was also a favourite of mobsters in the 50s. So it perhaps isn’t so surprising that several murders took place in the hotel, only to have quickly been hushed up by anxious owners.

The first murder took place in 1928, just a year after the establishment opened for business. Arnold Rothstein, a known gangster, met his untimely demise while playing cards in a downstairs lobby. Then, in 1957, an extremely high-profile murder again shook the hotel’s credibility. The leader of the Gambino crime family, Albert Anastasia, was mercilessly riddled with bullets while shaving. Fascinatingly, the Park Central Hotel is still going to this day, having not even changed names or branding.

Chateau Marmont

The glamorous Chateau Marmont’s history is long and sordid enough to shock just about anyone. If you’re looking to stay at a place and just use the free WiFi for Australian online slots, go somewhere else. If you’re a movie star looking to hide an affair or indulge in illegal substances, you’re in the right place.

Opening doors in the 30s, the Chateau Marmont quickly earned a reputation for discretion. Which is to say, whatever you do on the premises will remain strictly secret. Howard Hughes is known to have been a guest, as well as infamous director Nicholas Ray. Ray is, appallingly, known for indulging in an affair with actress Natalie Wood at the Chateau Marmont. This is also the hotel where John Belushi met his end after extreme drug abuse.

The Mark Hotel

You might recognise The Mark Hotel, which is amongst the best hotels by any metric of measurement. It is also, however, the scene of the infamous incident involving Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. In 1994 Depp had a fight with Moss that saw him in jail. Most interesting about the occurrence is that Depp destroyed a hotel room, reportedly costing the hotel thousands. However, Depp reportedly blamed the damage on an armadillo.

Speculation is rife that it wasn’t an invisible armadillo that caused the damage, but Depp himself.

W New York

Last is W New York, where Lindsay Lohan outdid Depp. In 2012 Lohan caused around $50,000 in damages to her room, though didn’t even have the decency to blame an armadillo. Hotel staff say they had to pull up and remove an entire carpet after her tirade.