Travel Tips

The Best Gadgets For Travelling Internationally

Travelling has become an industry that’s been completely revolutionised by the expansion of modern technology. Not only does this apply to the methods of transport that we use to get around, but also how the entire process has become almost entirely automated. But technology isn’t just for the travel providers, but also for the travellers. There is a wide range of different gadgets available on the market that can make travelling a lot easier, whether it’s travelling domestically or to an entirely new country. These are the gadgets that anyone serious about travelling should have in their backpack.

Power Bank

A power bank has slowly become something of a necessity for anyone that isn’t able to get to a wall socket whenever they want, and for many travellers, having the extra pack of power can make a world of difference. Power banks come in all shapes, sizes, and charge size, but it’s generally recommended that a traveller have one that’s able to store around 10000 mAH, which is enough to charge most modern phones at least twice, great for keeping up with the games that provide fun for all to enjoy. Many modern power banks also come with the ability to charge via a solar panel if it’s included, which is even better for people that find themselves staying in the great outdoors fairly often and find that their power bank doesn’t last too long.

Universal Plug Adapter

Not all wall sockets and power points are the same across the world. Not only are the configurations different, but different countries have different voltage outputs, so it’s a good idea to pick up a quality universal plug adapter that’s not only able to plug into and convert just about any wall socket imaginable, but one that also has the capability of changing the voltage. Universal plug adapters are a must have, and can mean having access to power no matter what country the traveller find themself in.


Earphones or headphones are an important item to take with, but having nice cancelling headphones is often considered one of the better investments that a traveller can make. They tend to be quite easy to get a hold of, but not all headphones are able to successfully block out all sounds. It’s a good idea to take the time to read reviews and ensure that a pair of headphones is not only quality and will last a long time but is able to block out at least most of the noises encountered when on a plane or a bus.

External Storage

Travellers are infamous for the number of pictures they like to take, and with our modern smartphones, the sizes of the pictures that we take are bigger than ever, and we will need a place to store all of them. While Cloud storage options are worth investigating, it’s also a good idea to have physical external storage handy, whether it’s an external hard drive or a USB drive. The more storage available while travelling, the better.