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Top Incredible Meals From Around The World

When travelling abroad, you know that trying out the local cuisine is going to be a highlight. A paradise of new flavours and aromas awaits, with every bite nothing short of a mini-adventure. But what are the most renowned meals from around the world? After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a treat, if you happen to be in right area to place the order.

Som Tam, Thailand

Our first dish is popular in Thailand, and a must if you happen to be heading out that way. At first glance, you might be wondering what exactly you’re in for. The combination of garlic, chillies, peanuts and string beans doesn’t seem like an appetising salad. But here’s the thing; it might just be the best salad you’ve ever had. Assuming, of course, you can deal with a bit of spice.

Tacos, Mexico

Yes, you know what a Taco is. You’ve also probably already had one. The real question is, have you had a taco in Mexico, where the delicious meal was born? If the answer is no, then you haven’t had a taco. The classic rolled tortillas, shredded meat stuffing, topped off with guacamole and salsa is the stuff dreams are made of. Vegetarian options are also available.

Tofu, Southeast Asia

Tofu is a pretty common food in Southeast Asia, available in convenient, on the go servings. Blocks of tofu are served skewered with toothpicks, so that you can enjoy the meal while you play the best Aussie slots online with the other hand. Yes, it’s also delicious.

Chicken Parm, Australia

Yes, we know that this dish is technically Italian, but in the land down under they’ve turned it into something else entirely. The combination of chicken fillet, Parmesan, and tomato sauce is absolutely irresistible. Is it worth going all the way there, just to try it out? Probably.

Pastel de nata, Portugal

Word is that these bite sized custard tarts were first created by local nuns and monks. That story may or may not be true, but what certainly is true is that you certainly won’t want to stop at just one. Watch that waistline.

Poke, Hawaii

This classic dish from Hawaii takes the idea of sushi to a whole new level. It is now renowned as the right choice for those who like to eat healthy, but it might not be for everyone. Yes, all the fish is served raw, so if you’re not keen on sushi, this might not be up your alley. Though, you’d be a fool to visit Hawaii and not give it a try.

Arepas, Venezuela

We finish off with one of the most mouth-watering treats in the world; Arepas. The simple recipe is corn dough cakes, filled with various meats and vegetables, then fried to perfection. It is absolutely delicious, but we probably didn’t have to tell you that. If trying these treasures out wasn’t already on your bucket list, hopefully it is now.

Bon appetite!