Different Destinations For Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is one of the most special vacations you’ll ever take. It should be almost as life-altering as the step you took, promising to love and stay with this one person forever.

That’s why for some, heading to one of the usual or traditional honeymoon destinations around the world is just not an option. We’re looking at some unique places that you should check out for your romantic getaway.

1. Carefree, Arizona

This one is close to home in the USA, but has some incredible sights to offer a couple on their honeymoon. The laidback nature of the place (the name couldn’t be more perfect for a honeymoon destination) is ideal for a couple who want to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Carefree is out in the Sonoran Desert, only 40 minutes from Scottsdale. It’s quiet and secluded without being too far away from civilization and some city fun.

If you want to spend your time away from it all, the resort has plenty of outdoor activities. Some are high energy like mountain biking and rock climbing, while others are more sedate like astronomy tours and spa packages.

2. Oymyakon Valley, Russia

Heading to a place that is famous for being the coldest spot on the planet that is inhabited by people is not really something you would think about for a honeymoon.

Although, the cold weather is perfect for cuddling and spending time in each other’s arms – perfect for romance. It really is a great place for the couple who likes adventure and wants to be in a secluded spot.

The landscape here is absolutely breath-taking. The ground is pretty much always covered in snow with only 3 hours of daylight in the winter months.

The summer is also incredibly cold with constant snow, but you do get a lot more daylight to take in the adventure. The lack of cell reception will also mean that you can concentrate on your getaway without interruptions.

3. Ayers Rock, Australia

We’re back out in the desert for this unusual honeymoon destination that’s as exotic and exciting as mobile casinos in the Philippines. But here, the temperatures here can really soar.

Ayers Rock (also known as The Rock or as Uluru) is incredibly remote but still has plenty of luxury to offer. The accommodation is top-class and is also eco-friendly.

The pace of your getaway will be slow here, with desert tours and guided walks available to get you out of the accommodation. You can take to the skies in a helicopter to see the vast expanse of the Australian outback or you can head out on a camel to see the sandy landscape up close. The Mutitjulu water hole is another must-see while staying here.

If you want to change up the pace of your honeymoon, you can also opt to spend some time in the city of Sydney. Flights to Ayers Rock come and go from the city, meaning this is where you will likely touchdown in Australia and leave from. Many people like to take two days in the city before or after their trip to Uluru.