Music Festival Travel Tips

Whether you’re heading for the Donauinselfest in Austria, the Mawazine in Morocco, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Coachella in California, Woodstock in Poland, or a smaller music festival near where you’re live, good preparations are the key to having a great time.

Decide on a Rendezvous Point for Friends

It’s very easy to get lost at festivals! They’re incredibly busy and, after a few drinks, your sense of direction may get compromised.

Avoid getting separated from your friends by deciding on a meeting point beforehand and agreeing to head over there as soon as anyone notices someone’s missing.

Don’t Forget Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is a great way to keep things relatively hygienic at festivals, so pack it in and use it after you’ve gone to the toilets and before you eat anything.

Drink Lots of Water

It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when you’re out having fun but try not to by packing reusable water containers and keeping one on you wherever you go.

You’ll need the blood sugar boost it gives you to enjoy the music you’ve come to see, your likelihood of developing a headache will lessen, and your skin won’t suffer from a few days spent roughing it.

Get an Artist’s Schedule and Map

Print a map and a copy of the artist’s schedule before you leave home, so you know exactly where you need to be and when. The last thing you want is to miss your favourite bands!

Never Leave Valuables in Your Tent

That smartphone or tablet you’ve always got on you to stay on top of the latest Facebook status updates, tweets, online Roulette sites for Aussies, and Instagram posts is in all likelihood very valuable so make sure you’ve got it on you at all times.

Try not to leave anything costly in your tent because, although it’s more than likely that everyone else at the festival is just there to have a good time as well, you never can tell.

Pack a Portable Charger & Spare Batteries

We all rely very heavily on our smartphones these days so remember to take a portable charger with you, and don’t forget spare batteries if you’ve got them. This is particularly important for festivals that last for a few days.

Take Wet Wipes & Toilet Paper

Many people camp out at music festivals, and as fun as this is, hygiene is the first thing to take a hit. There are sometimes showers available, but these can be very hit and miss, so to make sure you can stay decent, get some wet wipes to take with you on your trip. Four day’s worth of Glastonbury Festival grime can really get to you and those around you.

Another must-bring item is toilet paper. You’ll find well-run ablution blocks at most festivals and they’ll often have everything you need there, but the last thing you want is to finally get to the toilets and find there is none or the last person left it in a pile on a wet floor!