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The World’s Most Popular Cheeses

Humans have been eating cheese for thousands of years. Where it once started as a means of storing large amounts of calories for long periods of time, eating cheese has now become something of a delicious pastime, and can be found in countless dishes around the world.

Being one of the oldest foods in the world, each country and region has a unique way of making its local cheeses. Here we will look at some of the world’s most popular kinds of cheese and where they’re from.


This fresh cheese has a texture both is both crumbly and soft, and it’s often made with either buffalo or cow milk. Paneer is unique in that it does rennet is not used in the process of its creation, meaning that it’s also one of the few cheeses that is totally vegetarian.

It’s also one of the oldest types of cheese in the world, with mentions of it in the famous Vedas, which dates Paneer back to at least 6000 years ago. It’s still incredibly popular throughout India, but it can also be found in places like Turkey.


Another soft cheese, ricotta can be made from the milk of cows, sheep, or goats, making it very versatile. While technically a crud, it’s still widely considered a cheese due to the fact that it’s made using the same process as most other cheeses.

Ricotta tends to be sweet to the taste, with an extremely creamy texture that makes it a popular choice for pastas. Ricotta is traditionally made in Italy, but it has become something of a global phenomenon.


A cheese that’s originally from Greece, this is often known as the princess of cheeses. It’s usually made from sheep milk, although it can be mixed with other kinds of milks. It’s produced in a number of regions throughout Greece, with each one offering a unique flavour and texture.

It’s generally produced in squares of triangle moulds, where it will be kept in wooden or tin containers and preserved in brine in order to keep it fresh for longer.


Most people have heard of cheddar, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most consumed cheese in the world. It gained its name from the town where it was first created during the 13th century in England. It’s a hard cheese that’s made from cow’s milk, and it can vary in colour depending on the creation process.

When the cheddar is immature, it tends to be much smoother, but as it matures, it begins to crumble more, and developers a much sharper flavour, great for eating during a game of online slots Singapore.


Brie, or Brie de Meaux, is a French cheese that’s derived from cow’s milk. It’s a soft and flat cheese that usually comes in a rind consisting of white mould. When it’s produced, it’s set in cellars where it’s given around a month to fully mature.

Brie should always be eaten once it’s been given the chance to reach room temperature, which allow the eater to experience the full range of flavours that the cheese has to offer.