Travel Tips

Countries With Great Public Transport

One of the aspects that some travellers don’t consider when they’re planning a trip to a new country is just how they’re gonna be getting around once they’re there.

For those few with the money on hand, it’s easy enough to hire a car for the duration of their stay and simply drive to wherever they need to go before giving the car back. Not everyone is as financially fortunate, however, so they may have no choice but to utilise whichever type of public transport is available.

Not all countries are equal when it comes to offering safe and reliable transport, so when planning a trip, it might be worth going to one of the following regions.


Located at the bottom of South America, Chile is a Latin-American country with some of the best scenery and friendliest people in the world and has long been a favourite for those seeking adventure. It also boasts an incredibly robust public transport system that can match those found in even the wealthiest of countries.

One city in particular, Santiago, has a state-of-the-art subway system that comes with air conditioning at a relatively affordable price, making it easy to get around quickly and safely.

South Korea

A far sight from its neighbour from the north, South Korea is a bastion for travellers wanting to get a taste of the far East without the dangers that are commonly associated with North Korea.

Along with great food, a stable government, and awesome people, South Korea also offers visitors plenty of easy and convenient methods of getting around.

The capital, Seoul, has arguably the best public transport on the planet, with an average cost of less than $1 per passenger, meaning you can get around easily after you buy cryptocurrency.


Spain is a developed country that’s part of the European Union, and many of its cities have gained fame among travellers and locals alike for having affordable and comfortable public transport.

Madrid, in particular, has an excellent metro rail system, along with commuter lines and buses, making it easy for visitors to get around the city during both the day and the night. And while the entirety of the country can’t boast this same level of transport, expect to find it throughout most of the larger towns and cities.


Japan has some of the most densely-populated cities in the world, the Japanese government has always maintained a modern and fast-functioning public transportation system aimed at getting millions of people to their destinations as quickly as possible.

In fact, it’s become well-known around the world that the trains and buses have extremely strict time deadlines, and sincere apologies are sent out to the public when either are late for whatever reason.


Similar in many ways of Japan, but with even more people that need to get around, the Chinese government has gone to great lengths to ensure that their biggest cities, such as Shanghai, provide public transport that makes just about everything accessible.

There are endless accounts of foreign visitors being surprised at just how easy it is to get where they’re trying to go while in China.