The Most Remote Places In The World

For most of us, being close to civilisation provides a sense of security; if anything goes wrong, at least we have access to the assistance of other people. But planet Earth is vast, and there are some regions dotted around the world that are considered truly remote in that civilisation hasn’t really been able to inhabit them even to this day.

These are areas and locations that can take days to get to, and are sometimes simply not accessible by car or foot. But for the traveller that needs a break from the hustle and bustle of modern civilisation and it’s many stresses, these are some of the most remote places in the world.

Easter Island

Easter Island is an island that’s currently under the control of Chile, and has become famous due to the large stone carvings that can be found around the country. These magnificent statues number in the hundreds, and were put in place by a native Polynesian culture many centuries ago. Today, the island is among the most remote, and almost all of its revenue comes in from tourism as people from across the planet fly out to get away from the modern city life. The only way to reach Easter Island is either by boat or plane, making it truly off the beaten track.

Changtang Plateau

Often commonly known as the Roof Of The World, the Changtang region is among the most remote that a traveller can visit. Situated in both India and Tibet, it’s considered both the most isolated and largest nature reserve around, and consists of highlands and large lakes that make up a landscape that can only be compared to a diet. It’s also high above sea level, not far from Mount Everest, meaning that the reserve offers breathtaking views of the local area. A permit is required to see the nature reserve, but it also provides the chance to see the Changpa people, who are native to the region.

Tristan da Cunha

This volcanic island is around 1000km from South America, with the next closest country being South Africa. It has a total population of under 300 people in total, although English is the first language, which makes it a better option for those that can only speak English. Along with English, locals have created a unique dialect that’s made up of various other languages, making it a truly unique experience for anyone wanting a break on an island getaway, and the perfect place to relax with good food and some of the latest online gaming sites.

On the island, there are no airports or restaurants, and for those that want to go out and visit the island, they will need to first head to Cape Town in South Africa and take a ship from the city. The journey to the island takes up to a week, and once the traveller is there, they will have to stay on the island until the ship returns.