The Most Common Travel Myths About South Africa

As one of the most visited countries on the planet, South Africa sees millions of tourists entering its borders every year. From the winelands of the Western Cape to the beaches of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa is considered a must see for anyone looking to add some adventure to their lives.

But just as many people warn about seeing the country, citing the high crime rate, the bad infrastructure, and various other reasons that might force a traveller to instead look for a different region to visit.

Here we will break down some common myths about visiting South Africa and why they’re almost entirely untrue.

The High Crime

There’s no denying that South Africa has a high crime rate – one of the highest in the world, in fact. But what many might not realise that almost all the crime that occurs takes place in specific areas of the country almost exclusively, such as Mitchell’s Plain near Cape Town. The huge amounts of crime that take place here has distorted the rest of the country’s stats to a large degree. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t inherent danger involved when visiting; a traveller should always be wary about where they are and where they’re going, but it’s not nearly the warzone that some make it out to be.

No Cell phone Coverage

For some reason, it’s gotten out that South Africa doesn’t have the best mobile coverage in the world, and that gaining access to the internet can be an extreme hassle. Fortunately, this is a myth that is completely untrue, and can only apply if you’re heading into the deep wilderness, where getting away from technology is part of the adventure. There are a few mobile carrier networks operating within the country, and combined they offer around 95% coverage across the entire region. Getting internet is as easy as putting a SIM card into your mobile device and connecting up.

 Disease Is Everywhere

It’s understandable as to why so many people might believe this, as South Africa is currently the leading country in terms of HIV and AIDS infections. Along with this, there is also diseases like Malaria to contend with, as well as tuberculosis. The truth, however, is that the country has gone to huge lengths to cut down on the amount of diseases in the country, effectively halving how many people have HIV, while ensuring that most cases of TB or other diseases have been contained. Tourists that want to visit will have to very little to worry about in what diseases they might encounter, as the chances are about as high as any developed nation.

There Isn’t Much To Do

Many believe that the only thing to do in South Africa is safaris or sit in their hotel and check out the latest great betting tips online, but they couldn’t be more incorrect. From tasting wine in the Cape to the forests of Mtunzini or the beaches of Durban, a traveller’s itinerary will never be complete. Museums, attractions, gardens, restaurants, pubs, casinos – South Africa has it all.