Travel Tips

Tips to Make You a Savvy Traveler

Now you can travel like someone who’s been doing it for years, even if you’re on your first-ever trip!

Always Pack a Towel

A lot of successful travelling comes down to plain old common sense. An extra towel is a must-have for many reasons, be it as something to sit on at the beach, something to use as a make-shift table-cloth on a picnic, or just something to dry off after a bath or shower.

Many hostels offer towels, sure, but why take the chance? A good one stuffed into your bag won’t add a huge amount of weight.

Buy a Small Backpack or Suitcase

Purchasing a small backpack or suitcase, something between 20 and 40 litres, will force you to pack light and help you avoid hauling too much stuff around.

You’re on holiday, it’s okay to wear the same t-shirt or sun-dress a couple of days in a row! And you can always give these a good scrub when you bathe or shower each night. Take about half the clothes you think you’ll need.

Write down a list of what you think are essentials, and then cut that in half. This is where the small backpack or suitcase will help you hugely.

Take Extra Socks

You will definitely lose more than a few to the laundry gremlins, and wear and tear will claim a couple as well. You don’t know the value of a fresh pair of clean socks when you need them yet, but you will.

Take Extra Bank and Credit Cards

Disasters do happen, and it’s great to have a backup on you in case you get robbed or simply lose one of your cards. Being stuck somewhere unfamiliar is a nightmare made 10X worse if you don’t have any money. And this way you could play online blackjack from wherever you find yourself and earn a little extra cash to spend on your trip if you’re lucky!

Travel Solo at Least Once

There’s just so much to be said for going it alone at least once in your life. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and truly understand the meaning of complete self-reliance. As clichéd as it may sound, it’s totally true.

You’ll learn how to fend for yourself, talk to new people, and handle unfamiliar situations with aplomb. You’ll become more comfortable in your own skin, find out what you’re capable of, and there’s the added bonus of being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want to!

It’ll take some getting used to if you’ve never done it before, but you may find yourself opting for this choice more than once and planning trips alone in the future.

Use a Map

Looking like the tourist you are isn’t even a concern when it comes to maps these days since they’re easily accessible on our smartphones and tablets. It’s also a great idea to ask for directions and engage with locals in this way. You may find hidden gems in the city you’re in that only those who live there are aware of.