The World’s Smallest Hotel Rooms

When we picture the perfect hotel room, we often think of large, spacious suites that can accommodate us, our families, with plenty of room to move around. And while there are countless hotels that offer this, not everyone is able to afford them.

On top of this, cities have become so dense in the last few decades that space has truly become a premium commodity, and rather than giving up completely, many modern hotels have instead focussed on creating small but comfortable rooms of other guests to enjoy.

These smaller hotel rooms, while lacking in space, make up for this with comfort and convenience combined with low cost, making them the perfect choice for the traveller looking to cut down on their costs.

Green Plaza Shinjuku

Japan is well known for being the home of capsule hotels; small and comfy rooms that are able to accommodate a single person for a night, as that’s pretty much all the room has to offer. The capital of the country, Tokyo, has an abundance of these hotels, but the most famous of them all is the Green Plaza Shinjuku Hotel.

The capsules, while small, come with a number of modern conveniences, such as music, televisions, plug points, and more. They’re also fairly inexpensive, and make for the perfect stop for anyone that needs a place to crash after a long day.

Das Park Hotel

These small rooms immediately stand out for their design: they are cement pipes that have been converted into hotel accommodation. Das Park first opened up in Ottensheim but has since expanded to new locations as their cement rooms have proven to be quite popular.

The rooms themselves consist of very little but a bed, table, and bedside lamp, but they’re more than enough for a person needing a place to sleep. The surrounding area is equipped with showers and toilets, and even offer their guests a minibar.


CityHub represents a new kind of tiny hotel and was started by two university students who both have a passion for travelling. CityHub offers cheap accommodation for those that want to explore the endlessly entertaining city of Amsterdam, but don’t have the funds to stay in a luxury hotel.

The hubs come with mood lighting that changes colour, a two person bed, as well as a docking station for modern devices, perfect for kicking back and watching videos or checking out the big bets online today. Ablutions are shared with other guests that are staying at other hubs.

The Pod Hotel

New York City is notorious for how expensive their hotel rooms are, along with the low availability of most venues due to the popularity of the city as a travel destination.

The Pod Hotel, then, is the perfect establishment for the budgeting traveller looking for simple but comfortable accommodation. There are two pods in the inner city, and both offer a shared bathroom, an internet connection, a comfortable bed, and a device docking station that can also accommodate iPods.