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The Best Street Foods In Korea

15 years ago, when thinking about amazing street food and a cultural experience in food, Korea would have been the last country to come to mind. Today, South Korea is a dream destination to everybody who loves culture and simply amazing street side food.


Tteokbokki which roughly means stir-fried rice cakes, is one of the most popular street foods around in Korea. Not only is this a fantastic meal for virtually any occasion but holds sentimental value for a lot of Korean people, as the dish is by no means new.

The base of Tteokbokki is long and somewhat chewy rice cakes, which are made from a delicious short grain rice.

The rice cakes are simmered with other ingredients, these other ingredients can vary between chicken, pork, vegetables, and many others.

The one thing that that remains consistent is the flavour. Tteokbokki is cooked and served is a spicy but slightly sweet sauce which compliments the rice cakes very well.


Mandu is the most popular type of dumpling in Korea, which is similar to Chinese dumplings, but still different in a few ways. Korean dumplings are typically filled with minced meat, tofu, green onions, garlic and ginger, allowing for a more pronounced flavour profile than that found in other countries dumplings.

As for the dipping sauce, Mandu is served with a kimchi and vinegar dip, making for a very pronounced taste. Mandu is a fantastic type of dumpling and a great snack for anybody in Korea


Dakgangjeong is another one of the Korean favourites, except here, you may be waiting in long queues as it is one of the most sought-after dishes in Korea. Crispy fried, bite sized chicken pieces which are then tossed in an incredible sauce.

The spicy and sweet combination has shown to be one of the most loved favour profiles in South Korean cuisine, and that is nowhere more prevalent than with Dakgangjeong. Another great advantage is that Dakgangjeong is one of the few dishes on the list that would be possible to make at home, nearly everywhere in the world.


Soondae is known as Tteokbokki’s best friend as the two complement each other so well but have been left separate in this list for a good reason. While Soondae may taste amazing, it may not be to everybody’s preference if they are not used to what they will be eating.

Soondae is a blood sausage which can be made from squid, but is most commonly made from pork blood, cellophane noodles, rice and other flavourings or spices. If you are a fan of any blood sausage, Soondae will be right up your ally. Soondae is typically served with a salt dip to add depth of flavour.

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No matter what flavour best suits you, just like casino bonuses, there will be something amazing for you to try in South Korea.

The street food available is on par with the best in the world, making South Korea to be an amazing holiday destination for anybody passionate about food.