The Top Nature Reserves Around The World

For many tourists, an idea of a day well spent is one seeing museums, eating at restaurants, and enjoying all that a city or town has to offer. For many others, however, they much prefer to spend their days out amongst nature, whether that means hiking up long trails into the mountains or having a picnic in a small clearing surrounded by natural forests. For those travellers that want to visit new and beautiful nature reserves, these are the very best from around the world,


Found on the island of Madagascar, Atsinanana has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the sheer biodiversity and is found as part of six other national parks on the eastern side of the country. Many of the plant and animal life here is truly unique, having developed independently since the island broke away from Africa some 60 million years ago, meaning that most of the species are found nowhere else. Many of the animals that dwell here are also critically endangered due to deforestation over the last century, and it’s estimated that only around 10% of Madagascar’s original forests remains.

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park represents popular Africa: scenes of zebra and giraffe and lion wandering through the savannah; hot, quiet afternoons under the African sun, and the natural monument that is Mount Kilimanjaro. The Serengeti National Park is the ultimate destination for those looking for an African adventure, to see the countless species of animal that make up the landscape, from the Big Five to baboons, ostriches, antelope, and more. Currently, the park maintains a Grade II UNESCO status due to its size and biodiversity.

Bialowieza National Park

This is considered one of the most important parks in Europe, and one of the largest expanses of ancient forest that once covered the entire area, which has since become very much diminished as more and more land has been converted for other purposes. Found in the country of Poland, this is also the home of the biggest group of European Bison, which are no longer found in abundance anywhere else on the continent. Many of the trees found here are more than 500 years old, and the park itself was established in 1921, being among the first of its kind, making it a great place for relaxing with your favourite people and your favourite games where you win big when you play.

Yellowstone National Park

Encompassing a number of States, including Idaho and Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park is a massive nature reserve that sits on top of a dormant volcano. It’s among the most diverse in the world, boasting lush forests, snow-peaked mountains, and deep canyons. Visitors to the park can enjoy its many natural wonders, including its springs and geysers, which are powered by the persistent geothermal activity that takes place under the ground. In terms of wildlife, the park offers a huge variety, including apex predators such as bears and wolves. It’s a must-see for anyone travelling through the United States.