Top Incredible Travel Destinations In Africa

There is no question that Africa is one of the top travel destinations on the world. An enormous array of options are available, ranging from crystal clear oceans, towering forests, and incredible mountains ranges. The only real problem is deciding on where to go first.

This is our list of the top tourist destinations in Africa, all of which should be on the bucket list of any serious traveller.

Victoria Falls

There are few places on earth that have as immediate an impact as Victoria Falls, otherwise known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, the Smoke That Thunders. This incredible sight is located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, and is guaranteed to be one of the most impressive natural wonders you’ll ever see.

The falls span a massive 1,700 meters in width, and plummet a full 108 meters. If you haven’t figured it out already, the constant, majestic spray of the falls inspired the local name. But, best of all, the area surrounding the falls is equally as impressive, with wildlife ranging from rhinos to lions. After enjoying the local beauty, head back to a luxurious hotel and enjoy world class wine, excellent cuisine, and Australian slots online games on your smartphone.

Table Mountain

You probably know Table Mountain, or have at least heard of it. The enormous flat topped mountain range is a spectacular sight to behold, towering over the picturesque coastal city of Cape Town. A cable car allows access to the top of the mountain, which famously allows guests to eat a meal while they soak in the surrounding natural beauty.

Cape Town itself is also a major tourist attraction, with more world class restaurants, beaches, and other amazing activities than can be listed here.

Sahara Desert

You’ve probably seen the Sahara Desert in more movies than you imagine. In fact, when you see great, sweeping sand dunes in a film, chances are it’s the Sahara. These dunes may be explored, and their beauty is difficult to imagine, unless being witnessed first-hand.

Morocco is the most common starting point for tourists, where the dunes are at their most picturesque. The village of Merzouga, a quant settlement with friendly locals, even allows the hiring of camels. Once you’ve seen the Sahara from the back of a camel, you’ll have a whole new perspective on what a desert is, and just how truly humbling landscape can be.

 Rwenzori Mountains

This is one of the most overlooked mountain ranges in the world, which is truly a shame, given that they are also amongst the most beautiful. Located partially in Uganda, and partially in the Congo, the sheer variety in landscape is enough to steal away breath in an instant. From glaciers, to waterfalls, and vast ranges of rare, tropical plants, you won’t believe that it is all located in a single region of Africa.

If bird watching is your hobby, you’re certainly in luck. The range of colourful, charming birds in the region are unmatched, so much so that you couldn’t possibly hope to see them all. But it sure would be fun trying.