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Top Tips For Travelling With A Pet

It can be fairly stressful when a traveller starts to make plans to leave their home and start travelling, whether this means seeing the sights in their country, or even flying further abroad.

Things can be made much more complicated with the inclusion of a pet, especially one that needs constant care and attention, such as a dog.

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, however, and for those that want to take their beloved pet with them on their travels, these hints and tips can help make that happen.

The Right Documentation

Most countries around the world aren’t too happy to just let any pet into their borders. There are plenty of good reasons for this; but one of the most prominent is the chance that the animal might be carrying a disease that could affect the local wildlife.

This is why no country will allow a pet in without the right documentation at hand to verify that the animal has undergone the right procedures with the right vets in order to enter the country. Without these documents, it’s virtually impossible to bring a pet into a different country.


As mentioned above, pets are notorious for bringing in disease to a new country, such as rabies, which can quickly get out of control. Strict vaccination procedures always have to be followed to ensure that the pet is safe from any transmissible diseases.

This may mean heading out to the local vet and getting the right shots against disease that occur in the region, and once the vaccinations are complete, the authorities are more likely to allow the pet to enter across the borders without problem.

If the animal does not receive the necessary vaccinations, border control might force a quarantine period that can last up to a year, so it’s best to make sure that all vaccinations have been taken care ahead of time.

The Right Accessories

Travelling with a pet in tow can be a serious challenge if the right accessories aren’t present.

While a dog might be used to walking around without a leash at home, it’s imperative that it has a harness when entering an airport or other means of transport to ensure that it doesn’t become overwhelmed and attempt to run off. Another great accessory to have is a pet carrier, which can house the pet and keep it safe during the travel period.

It’s important to allow the animal to become used to the pet carrier beforehand while at home, giving it time to properly adjust to the crate before having to travel in it for long periods of time, and allowing the traveller to enjoy a book or online casino Malaysia games while on the go.

Avoid Travelling In Busy Season

This is a mistake that many travellers make, and it can cause the pet to undergo a lot of stress. Try and only travel when things are quiet and avoid the holiday season as much as possible.

Not only will this make it easier on the animal, but it also usually means cheaper ticket prices.