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Unique Kinds Of Coffee Worth Giving A Try

Coffee is one of the world’s most enjoyed beverages, and for hundreds of years, people have been using coffee as a means of waking up in the morning; to socialise; and just because it’s tasty. Coffee is grown and consumed in every single country in the world, and different cultures have developed unique ways of the preparation and the consumption of coffee.

There’s always something new to try when travelling the world, and coffee is one of them – so check out this list of some of the interesting types of coffee found across the globe.


It’s not uncommon to come across koffeost, which directly translates to “cheese coffee”. And that’s because it’s exactly what it is – it’s coffee that’s served with dried cheese. The blocks of cheese absorb the coffee and become soft. It’s served throughout Scandinavia, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, and even Russia. It might sound strange at first, but it’s a favourite for millions, and worth giving a try while staying in one of these countries.


Kopi is the definitive coffee drink found in the bustling city of Singapore, and while it might not be as exotic as a lot of other kinds of coffee, it’s deeply integrated into the Singaporean culture. It’s typically served black, but milk and sugar is not uncommon. But there are other ways that the coffee is served – sometimes with condensed milk – so visitors will need to be sure about what they’re ordering, especially if all they want in their coffee is sugar or just milk.

Turkish Coffee

Turk Kahvesi, more commonly known as Turkish coffee, is an extremity strong type of coffee that’s an effective way of getting started with the day. The country is known for its very strong coffee, with some of the highest caffeine content percentages in the world due to the fact that the coffee is not filtered. Ground coffee is played into a brass or copper pot, called a cezve, which is then simmered with water. This is served as is, so it’s not uncommon for the coffee to have a bit of a crunch at the end but is perfect to sit while reading the news or playing online bingo Australia games.

Ca Phe Trung

Traditionally found in the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam, ca phe trung – known as Vietnamese egg coffee –  is a delicious and unique. It’s a common misconception that a raw egg is broken over a steaming cup of fresh coffee, but what actually happens is that an egg yolk is whipped along with condensed milk or sugar. This creates a creamy meringue of sorts, and a shot of strong espresso is added to the mix. The drinker will be served the beverage along with a spoon, which they use to eat the delicious topping before reaching and drinking the coffee that’s underneath. It’s similar to coffee that’s served in Austria, with the main difference being that the foam on top is derived almost entirely out of milk rather than egg.