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What To Know Before Buying A Campervan

The digital nomad has become a normal part of the modern world: men and women who no longer want to be part of the 9-to-5 work life, instead opting for one that allows them to travel around as much as possible. The problem with this lifestyle is that it can become extremely expensive in a short amount of time, so finding a long-term solution in terms of having a home base is imperative. This is why so many people are starting to turn to campervans for their needs, often termed “van life.”

A good campervan can be a fantastic investment, allowing a person to go from place to place, following the weather while always having access to a warm bed and a comfortable space to work. But there are some things to know before making that big leap, especially if it’s a campervan that’s second-hand.

Have The Mechanics Checked

Second hand campervans are often build on top of older vehicles, such as buses, meaning that there’s a chance that the internals might not be in good shape. A campervan needs to be able to travel long and far, which it can only do reliably if it’s in good condition. Before purchasing one, take the time to find a reputable mechanic who would be willing to give the engine, gearbox, and wiring a once-over to ensure that everything is in good working order. There are countless horror stories of people travelling out into the middle of nowhere with their campervan, only to have it break down with an unfixable problem.

Test The Built-In Facilities

A campervan usually comes with some basic facilities, such as a working kitchen, plumbing, and lighting. These are all components that need to be thoroughly tested before making a purchase. A fridge, for example, needs to be re-gassed every few years otherwise it can’t maintain its refrigeration. Plumbing is also important to check out, as a broken plumbing system in a campervan can spell disaster.

Consider The Tiny Space

It doesn’t take too long for a new campervan owner to realise just how small of a space it really is, and how much they will need to get rid of in order to live comfortably. On top of that, they tend to build up grime and dirt incredibly quickly, and need to be cleaned thoroughly around once a week, which can become tediously relatively quickly.

Get an Insurance Quote

Heading onto the road in an uninsured campervan is a terrible mistake to make, so it’s important to take the time to get a quote on how much it would cost to insure. Insurance for a vehicle like a campervan can be quite hefty, especially considering that many campervans tend to be classed as heavy vehicles due to their weight, which can push the premiums significantly higher than what would be paid on a normal vehicle like a car. Insurance quotes are free, similar many, take little time to complete, and allows a potential buyer to work out their monthly costs.